a rhythm game, where you are in control of a tribe of robots.
You guide a genius inventor on his quest to create perpetual motion machines, providing an endless energy source to the world.

Although deemed impossible by the scientific community, the inventor has identified music and rhythm as the secret ingredient of endless energy.

In the game you follow the efforts of the inventor, as he builds his machines. From a tiny little robot powering the lamp outside his lab to enormous golems generating energy for an entire city, the inventor gradually increases the complexity and size of his experiments, but also the danger.

Even the slightest mistake in musical rhythm could create a global blackout and destroy the robots.
The player in Impossible Bottles must power the robots by firing electricity streams in time with the music as they travel through power cables.

Succeed, and the robots power up, eventually moving in perpetuity to the beat of their own music.
Fail, and the robots are in danger of being destroyed.

  • featuring ten hand drawn robots
  • Easy single-tap gameplay
  • Original electronic music composed for each robot
  • export each robot as a gif
  • made for mobile, desktop & consoles
  • scheduled release summer 2019
"Impossible Bottles only needs one beautiful gif to win you over."

"...magical stories into tiny gifs"

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A music game by Honig Studios